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It's a quandary shared by adventurous and indecisive drinkers alike: What should I drink tonight?

Here to answer that question is Be Your Own Bartender. Through more than a dozen interactive flowcharts, the book poses a series of questions designed to lead readers to their own ideal drink, and with more than 151 original recipes, there's a cocktail for every mood, taste, and occasion. 

Are you after something tequila-based, or gin-based? Do you like gin, or really like gin? Are you ready to break out the muddler? And is your night winding down, or just getting started? Whatever your answers, Be Your Own Bartender leads you to a destination -- a cocktail effectively designed just for you. With some drinks that are truly adventurous and others that are friendlier to the cocktail novice, every recipe is created with the home bartender in mind.   

Divided into chapter by spirit  -- with bonus flowcharts for brunch drinks, holiday parties, and true cocktail nerds -- Be Your Own Bartender is the best way to discover the perfect cocktail for you, in a journey as user-friendly as it is fun.